About Anne Marie

I have been a Certified Rolfer since 2003 and in November, 2011, I completed my training with Jan Sultan and Jon Martine in Los Angeles earning my certification as an Advanced Rolfer. I have a passion for this innovative and holistic approach to wellness.

My Bachelor's Degree in Movement Studies and Dance Therapy is from the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and I received massage therapy certification at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona in 1991.

I studied ballet and modern dance growing up. My love for movement led me to study Dance Therapy, Body-Mind Centering®, Laban Movement Analysis, Tai Chi, meditation, yoga and Continuum Movement. My love for human potential, healing and bodywork lead me to study Rolfing®.

In over 20 years of hands-on experience I have come to better understand the Body-Mind connection and relationships in the human stucture. I honor the importance of each individual and the incredible potential for healing that is within each of us. I have continued to study and expand my areas of expertise including Visionary CranioSacral Work™, specialized scar tissue work, bone and joint pain relief and spinal mechanics.

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