“After two serious car accidents I was left with periodic lower back muscle spasms that were making my life miserable. After repeatedly trying traditional massage therapy and getting only limited and temporary relief, a friend recommended I try Anne Marie. I had never heard of Rolfing, and I admit at first I was somewhat skeptical, but Anne Marie took the time to explain Rolfing to me in detail and I decided to give it a try. The results were simply amazing. My back pain and spasms are a thing of the past, but even more remarkable is the overall sense of well-being my body has thanks to the Rolfing I receive from Anne Marie. My posture, my ability to exercise and my stress level have improved dramatically, and it’s all due to Anne Marie’s skill and touch. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

      — John M. Barton, Columbia, S.C. Attorney


“For years I endured residual pain from previous injuries and scoliosis thinking that it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. At age 51 I decided to go through the series knowing I could stop if it got to be too intense. I had heard horror stories about the intense pain involved in Rolfing sessions. I was told that during the Rolfing sessions you would relive emotional trauma, have flashbacks and revisit memories that initially caused painful physical patterns. All I had heard was completely false! I noticed positive results after my first session with Anne Marie. She is a healer who with kindness, compassion and a deep knowledge of the body helps the client work through patterns of imbalance to find freedom and relief. More than any doctor I have consulted she helped me to feel empowered in the process of discovering health in a new posture.”

     — Martha Brim


“In 2010 I had surgery for cancer of the esophagus. I have two very large incision as a result – on my shoulder and lengthwise on my stomach. Though I recovered from the surgery and the cancer, I had  a great deal of pain in the area of my incisions. It was so bad I was starting to walk doubled over. My wife had been telling me I should go to Anne Marie, but I didn’t think anything would help and thought I just had to “tough it out.”  However, I did finally go to Anne Marie and she said it was scar tissue that was causing the pain. She worked on me perhaps 3 or 4 times over a few weeks and I was amazed at how pain free I was after her rolfing treatments. Also, in 2006 I had an arthritic knee which needed surgery. However, the doctor wanted me to lose weight first. I had Anne Marie work on my knee and was so surprised how much better I felt. I am now a big believer and have recommended Anne Marie to many people.”

  — Bernie Gaudi


“My sister has been seeing Anne Marie for years for massage and knew how much pain I was in from 20 years in a wheelchair (I'm a paraplegic) and suggested I give Anne Marie a try. Well, it's been about 2 years and I'm sorry I didn't try this a lot sooner. Anne Marie practices Rolfing on me to realign my hips, relax my neck and arms, hands and shoulders and generally try to reverse a months worth of damage and abuse I impose on my body. Anne Marie has developed exercises and stretches designed specifically for me that I can do in the wheelchair as well as tailoring the work she does while with me for my special needs”


“I was nervous and self-conscious in the beginning but now I look forward to my time with Anne Marie. She is a kind, generous soul who is non-judgmental and has a gift of openness that immediately puts me at ease. I'm looking forward to many years of growth and better health in body and mind with Anne Marie's help!"

 — Leslie Pierce


“I was fortunate enough to meet Anne Marie Cockrell many years ago. I knew then, as a massage therapist, she had a special healing touch. Several years ago I went through the 10 rolfing sessions with Anne Marie. (I had heard from people who had structural integration elsewhere that it was painful – it WAS NOT). I have scoliosis and do a lot of yoga so thought rolfing would be beneficial to me. It certainly was! Besides feeling more “aligned”, it seemed to help me with yoga. Anne Marie has also helped me understand my body and can explain what is difficult for me and why. Over the years, she has worked on me for many different problems. One in particular is a hip that tended to go “out.” Anne Marie managed to fix it and told me what movements were making it happen. She has helped me with so many other problems over the years that I tend to ask her before going or doing anything else. I can’t recommend Anne Marie and her Advanced Rolfing therapy enough!”

 ­  — Terry Gaudi

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